Foor is a new type of puzzle game about making 4s and destroying special blocks. It combines traditional block placing system with unique mechanics. Combine at least 4 matching color blocks in line vertically or horizontally to eliminate special blocks. As the game progresses, more special blocks will emerge. Destroying special blocks gives points and coins, which can be used to unlock different themes.

Key Features

Who is aHi Labs?

We are a new game studio from Istanbul! We love board games and old school puzzle games.

What motivated you to make this game?

We wanted to make a game that would have both the essence of old school puzzle games and the modern gameplay mechanics. The idea of destroying special blocks by combining 4 matching color blocks in line is actually coming from the Nintendo classic Dr. Mario, which is a game we loved to play in the past.

What is special about Foor?

It has a different yet very simple gameplay mechanic which allows users to start playing and enjoying the game in seconds. But it requires strategic thinking to be able to keep going as the game advances with more special blocks, which makes the game very addictive.

Is it an endless puzzle game?

Yes! Foor has no levels, no life or time limits. Players can collect coins by destroying special blocks and unlock 4 different themes with those coins which are beautifully designed and so much fun to play with. More themes will be added with updates very soon.

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